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Small, Skill-based Groups

Where do I fit?

We have groups for all abilities. You will be matched with a group of similar skill, and with no more than six guests per coach, our experts are ready to help take your skiing to the next level.

Check out the Find Your Fit table (below) to determine whether you're a Starter (novice), Smooth Cruiser or Faster Blaster (both intermediate) or Advanced skier. Still not sure? Not to worry, there are always opportunities to make adjustments once we're on snow together.

First Time?

We love new skiers! To have the best experience, we recommend taking a private lesson or two rather than stepping on skis for the very first time at our camps.

Fitness Questions?

Cross country skiing requires a good base level of fitness. If walking continuously for one hour on hilly terrain is a problem for you, this is not the appropriate setting for your skiing. If you have had a recent injury or health event that may affect your skiing, please contact us to see where you may fit. All of our camps are available in half or full day options.

Find Your Fit

Starter (Novice)

I have minimal ski experience. I am keen to learn the basics!

I would like to build a solid foundation for my technique.

I have taken a few steps or strides on skis and feel comfortable being outdoors   and moving all day. I am relatively fit and confident falling down and getting up.

Smooth Cruisers

I have cross country ski experience. I would like to workshop my technique to ski farther and faster.

I can ski comfortably for a couple hours. It's time to ski more efficiently. 

I would like to focus on the foundations, skiing about 10-15km per session.

Faster Blasters

I have cross country ski experience. I am skilled and fit, and would like to workshop my efficiency.

I am relatively fit and can ski for 2 hours or more. I would like to tackle technique on more challenging terrain.


I would like to ski approximately 15km or more per session. 

Advanced +

I am a competent skier with several good seasons under my belt.

I can ski all day, feel confident in working hard on skis, and would like improved efficiency. Hills are not a problem for me, although my technique here could use work.

This includes focused work on uphills, downhills, cornering, and fine tuning technique.

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