Skiing Events

Reaching farther, gliding faster

After your XC Supercamp, put your new & improved technique into practice by registering for a local event! Loppets, races, ski festivals, ski vacations...the sky is the limit and our experts can guide you towards the right fit for your skills, interest, and time! 


The Sovereign to SilverStar Loppet

Join us April 2-3rd, 2022 for a Ski Marathon like no other, joining the best of the best ski trails between Sovereign Lake and SilverStar Mountain Resort to create two stunning courses. 21km and 42km options. Make this event a training goal for the 2021-22 season!

  • April 2* – Classic 21/42km

  • April 3 – Skate 21/42/km

Find more details here.



Cross Country BC Schedule here

Cross Country Alberta Schedule here


**more coming soon**


Cross country skiing requires specific fitness both in terms of skill, cardiovascular capacity, and upper- and lower-body strength. Reach out to your coach for tips, or attend our camp to work with coaches who can help you fine tune your current training plan. Further questions? Send us an email!

Find Your Fit


I have minimal ski experience. I am keen to learn the basics!

I would like to build a solid foundation for my technique.

I have taken a few steps or strides on skis and feel comfortable being outdoors   and moving all day.

Smooth Cruisers

I have cross country ski experience. I would like to workshop my technique to ski farther and faster.

I can ski comfortably for a couple hours, but it's time to ski more efficiently. 

I would like to focus on the foundations, skiing about 10-15km per session.

Faster Blasters

I have cross country ski experience. I would like to workshop my technique to ski farther and faster.

I am relatively fit, can ski for 2 hours or more, and I would like to tackle technique on more challenging terrain.


I would like to ski a more than 15km per session. 

Advanced +

I am a competent skier with several good seasons under my belt.

I can ski all day, feel confident in working hard on skis, and would like improved efficiency. 

This includes focused work on uphills, downhills, cornering, and fine tuning technique.